It is quite exciting to actually think of a product from scratch and then go through the whole process until you see the finished unit after the buildup. But most people do not know that it takes a lot of steps and approved documents and financing to reach the manufacturing stage of a product.

What are the processes involved in product creation

Developing an idea

This is the understandably the most difficult part of product creation. It is squeezing all your creative juices to arrive at a concept of a product. If I had special discounts for every idea that I formulate, I would already have a lot of items from online shops like Lazada and Zalora.

For those who are working for a particular industry, say smartphones market, you can make the range of your ideas smaller. But if you do not have a company yet, it will be tougher to develop one because you are not yet restricted by the type of industry that you are going to make a product for.

How can you get ideas for a new product? Through market research, surveys, statistics, and observation of the environment.

Another way is to recognize a need that is not unknown to users. If you become successful with the creation of this new product, you will get a lot of sale from the new market that you have carved for your company.

Product Design

This is where it gets tricky. What materials do you have to use? Should I invest more in sturdy materials or be more cautious in developing the exterior of the product? What features should I include in this unit? What markets should I target in order to make maximum sales? Should I design my product in-house or should I get experts?

Forward-thinking brands rely on companies like Gosto-webshop to design their products. These companies are already equipped with knowledge and experience in the market which they can use to develop the product.

By doing the needed research, product designers and engineers can produce great items for companies. You will not need to hand out discounts and voucher codes. Customers will line up just to get your products.

3 thoughts on “How to Bring Your Product from Conceptualization to Creation

  1. Yes, I agree that it is difficult to find a new product that will break the market and get you the most sales. Your competitors are also thinking of the same things as you. It is all about developing an idea fast and moving it to the manufacturing section as early as possible. You would not want your competition beat you to the punch.

  2. I would prefer hiring experts to design my product. These companies already have the machinery and the research to back up their recommendations. They see the market as it is currently received by customers. They can greatly add to the value of the product design and manufacturing. You will get your money’s worth!

  3. Awesome article. It is really hard to think of a product to create. To actually pull a great idea from your brain after much filtering and sorting is difficult enough. To present it in front of a board of approvers who will get you the financing that you need will be more grueling and stressful.

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