1. What is Gosto-Webshop?

Gosto-Webshop is your one-stop shop for online and offline solutions. You can depend on us to provide you with unique designs and styles for your products. We have different creative teams assigned per niche and genre for effective brainstorming and developing ideas. We aim to give you the best look for your products.

We are also a marketing firm that can give you strategies and techniques to reach your customers and enhance your connection with them through the use of printed and online platforms. We first assess your company status in terms of your current marketing programs and then we add more value to your system. Some common methods include giving voucher codes, offers & coupons.

2 What does product design entail?

We want to bring your visions to life. You have your own conceptualization of what you want for the designs of your product. We interpret these exterior features through the use of the latest technology and show the 2D and 3D version of your product. We also give recommendations on how to enhance its look.

Once you approve of the design, we can create a prototype of your product. We will make more improvements to the item based on your team’s feedback.

3. Aside from product design, what other services do you provide?

We have gained a great reputation in building a recognizable branding for companies. This is especially true for startup companies who asked us for help to create a brand that is unique and easy to remember. Branding covers a wide range of services which include digital marketing, prints, and posters.

We can also handle your social media for the first few months to give you the right strategies to properly reach your customers.

4. How do you create packaging of products?

We have a separate team for the design and prototyping of the packaging of products. The size, shape, and overall look of the packaging will depend on what you envision the product to be. Do you want to aim for the stylish look? Or how about a simple one?

The whole process will require us to continually communicate with the clients to ensure that they will get what they foresee their product packaging to look like.

5. What is prototyping?

Prototyping is creating the actual physical exterior of the product. You can feel its texture, handle its shape, and see the actual size of the product. With the prototyped product, you can check the actual dimensions and characteristics of the item and make changes if necessary.

6. How is your company with regard to the use of technology?

We always continue to innovate and seek the best possible technology to use in our designs. We want to make the designs as real and as accurate as possible for clients. We guarantee that all your requirements will be met by us in terms of the latest software and hardware available.